Why Is Your Hard Drive Clicking?

There are several signs of hard disk drive (HDD) failure besides the evident ones like error screen and failure to boot. While they now boast larger storage capacities, more compact sizes, and faster speeds, hard drives still have a quite fragile design, which means that the possibility of breakage or malfunction increases in proportion to […]

Hard Drive vs. Solid State Drive: Pros and Cons of Using Each

Determining the superiority of SSD versus HDD requires you to define exactly what better means in your particular case. While for some “better” means faster or more reliable, others prefer to compare dollars and cents rather than improved performance or storage capacity increase. In an ideal world, you could have them both installed on your machine for massive storage and fast […]

Dropped Hard Drive: What to do to save your data

I dropped my external hard drive once and I can tell you, the sound of the device hitting the floor still haunts me. Your heart skips a beat while you helplessly watch it fall like you were a detached witness of an accident. As you quickly go over in your head trying to recollect all […]